The fundamental aim of celebrating the day is to engage the sector at every level.
The largest networking event organized by The NGO World in 2014-16 to creates opportunities for participants to Network, Raise Funds, Source, Supply and Learn and is an excellent place to showcase their Social Efforts and Initiatives to stakeholders.In 2018, “The NGO World”with the collaboration of Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST)is going to Organize World NGO Day 2018.This event helps organizations to establish quality partnerships between the Corporations, Donors & Development Sector to take forward the agenda of social good. The NGO’s Day encompasses;
1. A conference
2. An exhibition

Who is participating?
• Charities and Charitable Trusts
• Philanthropists
• Donor Organizations
• Social Entrepreneurs
• Corporate Foundations

World NGO Day events deliver professional knowledge through keynote speakers, panel discussions as well as showcase the latest products and solutions to help improve understanding and create innovative ideas that will drive social good. Visitors and participants get inspired by what’s new and what’s next, equipped with the tools and methodologies they need to shift and re-organize their own social agenda.

VISION: “To create a stronger better & more effective civil society worldwide through an International annual Calendar Day for NGO’s, NPO’s and CSO’s”.

MISSION: “To Collaborate, Commemorate and Celebrate the efforts and achievements NGO’s from all sectors, for better future for this generation and future ones.” For the purpose of this day, the term NGO is used to encompass all Non-Profit Organisation (NPO’s) Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) and other types of organizations within the third sector. The initiative is focused on NGO’s which support the UN and other international human right principals, and do not cultivate or promote illegal activities.